Dusty conditions in Dubai. The sudden change in weather caused problems for motorists and pedestrians. Image Credit: Nathaniel Lacsina/Gulf News

Dubai: For most of today (Friday), UAE residents witnessed grey skies, with dusty conditions. Early morning rain failed to settle the dust as winds kicked up dust particles in the air. The National Centre of Meteorology has forecast that these conditions are expected to continue tomorrow (Saturday) with an added chill in the air.

“We are going to witness a significant drop in temperatures tomorrow, the difference in the highs is expected to be between 8-10 degrees celcius compared to today,” a spokesperson for the National Centre of Meteorology told Gulf News.

The spokesperson explained the conditions that were affecting the UAE in detail – while there is a high pressure system associated with fresh northwesterly winds that is expected to cover the UAE within the next few hours, expected to clear the skies, there is also a southerly flow associated with a trough – a system that often brings with it storm like conditions.

“That started early morning today especially over Al Ain and middle and the northern areas of the UAE. However, the active part of the trough has already passed,” the spokesperson said.

This led to extreme conditions in Al Ain, with wind speeds as high as 70km/hr recorded near Al Ain airport with visibility reduced to less than 600m.

The highest amount of rain recorded by the NCM was at Jebel Jais, where since February 27 10.3 mm of rain had fallen.

Rough seas

The spokesperson also warned residents that the sea was expected to be very rough for the coming three days, with waves over 12 feet expected.

“The main issue is the fresh winds and the dust. We expect that it will continue for tomorrow as well, especially over the land. Over the sea, it will continue for three days,” he said.

Another factor that might make it more difficult for people with dust allergy to step outdoors is the lack of heavy rain to settle the dust.

According to the spokesperson, very little rain is expected tomorrow (Saturday).