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Have you ever wondered how Global Village in Dubai keeps COVID-19 at bay and disinfects the place?

In fact, a team is dedicated to the task of keeping Global Village safe and clean.

Watch this video to find out how the behind-the-scenes team works around the clock to ensure the comfort and safety of all at Global Village.

Global Village video

Global Village

Shopping, culture, cuisine and entertainment from 78 countries all comes together in one place as the latest edition of Global Village season started in Dubai.

The sprawling outdoor attraction is among the most visited worldwide, with 42,000 guests per day on average.

Silver Jubilee Season

The Silver Jubilee (Season 25), which runs till April 18, 2021, includes newcomers Russia, Cambodia and Vietnam joining dozens of other countries in 26 pavilions. Also, more than 100 new additions have been included this season in the ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not!’ collection of artefacts and exhibits from the natural, scientific, artistic and human oddities. New to the human oddities gallery is the Willard Wigan Display, which showcases some of the smallest handmade artworks and masterpieces in history. The Magical Studio gallery is now home to horror-themed old-age prison cell exhibits. The Marvellous Mirror Maze has also been upgraded for newfound levels of illusion.