Abu Dhabi checkpoint
A car approaching a chekpoint in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: S

Abu Dhabi: An emergency radio broadcast will play on 24 radio stations when motorists tune in while approaching security checkpoints in Abu Dhabi emirate.

Launched by Abu Dhabi Police, the radio service will be available to motorists within 200 metres of the checkpoints. Informative messages about checkpoint procedures will be played in Arabic, English, Urdi and Malayalam.

Driving instructions

Motorists will be instructed to reduce their speed, and follow the designated routes. They will be reminded that the rightmost lane has only been allocated for trucks, and that the number of passengers in a single vehicle should not exceed three, unless they are members of the same household.

Those tuning in will also be reminded that photography is strictly prohibited at security checkpoints.

COVID-19 precautions

Motorists and passengers when will also be instructed to properly put on their facemasks, and to keep their Emirates IDs handy to present to the authorities at the border. In addition, they will be told to draw up the results of their COVID-19 screenings on Al Hosn app, and disclosures in case they have returned from travel and passed through an airport.

Police radio services

When motorists tune in, it will also notify the authorities about an approaching vehicle.

The Abu Dhabi Police has been making increasing use of radio broadcasts to inform motorists of road conditions, and notify them about traffic regulations.

Authorities urged motorists to adhere to all COVID-19 precautionary measures when approaching checkpoints, and to follow instructions issued by police officers and traffic patrols. Adherence to the protocols will allow for the smooth flow of traffic and prevent congestion, the police added.