Smart Police Station
There are currently 11 Smart Police Stations in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai’s smart police stations (SPS) have been playing a critical role ever since the coroanavirus outbreak in the UAE, thanks to their inherent advantages.

Lt Khalid Mohammad from SPS told Gulf News that the 11 police stations across the city have played a key role during the pandemic because they have been a convenient means to report crime and get police help without human interaction.

The City Walk Smart Police Station. Image Credit: Gulf News

“The public hesitated from going to police stations during the coronavirus outbreak and preferred to use SPS as there is no human intervention. SPS is different from other police stations as we provide the same services in a short time,” Lt Mohammad told Gulf News.

“The statements of any person who makes a complaint can be completed within 20 minutes. SPS operates around the clock in seven languages,” he added.

According to Dubai Police, more than 70 per cent of police transactions were processed through SPS branches across Dubai during May this year.

Lt Mohammad said people have an easy access to the stations across the city and his team has been ready to act on any complaint at any time.

“People can enjoy fast services with full privacy. We have service points where people can go behind closed doors to speak with an officer through the screen or use smart dashboards to complete their services,” Lt Mohammad added.

In 2017, the government launched the first smart police station in Dubai. Dubai Police Smart Station was inaugurated in City Walk on September 18, 2017.

Diana Ghadi from Dubai Police said that the idea of SPS was to make policing in the city more efficient and transparent by offering 27 key services such as reporting crimes and traffic incidents, besides 33 community services.

“The customer can put his Emirates ID card in the device to connect with the Operation Room,” Ghadi said.

More autonomous police stations will be rolled out as part of the police strategy to provide smart police services to all residential and commercial areas, he added.

How the SPS service works

Residents have to take their Emirates ID, while visitors can use their passport.

A scanner and printer are available to take necessary scans while filing a complaint.

The complainant is then connected to a police officer through a video link.

The officer then asks for case details and a statement is taken.

A copy of the filed case is given for reference.

SPS locations:

Smart Police Station SPS - City Walk

Smart Police Station SPS - La Mer

Smart Police Center SPS - Dubai Design District

Smart Police Center - Palm Jumeirah

Smart Police Station - Arabian Ranches Walk-in

Smart Police Station - Dubai Police General Headquarters External

Smart Police Station - Al Seef

Smart Police Station - Last Exit Al-Khawaneej Drive-thru

Smart Police Station - Last Exit E11 to Dubai (DXB Bound) Drive-thru

Smart Police Station - Last Exit E11 to Abu Dhabi (AUH Bound) Drive-thru

Smart Police Station - Al Muraqqabat

List of services

• Traffic fines payment

• Good-conduct certificate

• Home security

• Police leaders at your service

• Traffic status certificate

• Reissuing traffic accident report

• Pay impound fees

• Verify driver

• Labour complaint

• Lost-and-found items

• Lost-item certificate

• File criminal complaint

• Certificate-TWIMC

• Detainee visit request

• Police report inquiry

• Report crime

• Tourist security

• Vehicle inspection request

• Application status

• Heart patient service

• Social support in family violence cases

• Police museum tour

• Feedback

• Source: Dubai Police