Security guards welcome visitors back to Dubai after coronavirus disruptions Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Nearly 50,000 security guards in Dubai are ready to welcome visitors back to Dubai’s facilities amid easing instructions and the return on normal life to the city.

In a video posted by The Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA), security guards from different nationalities sent a positive message to everyone that life is back and they are ready to play a key role for their safety.

“With life returning to the city after COVID-19 pandemic, all security guards are ready and educated on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus. All guards in different sectors and shopping malls will provide safety and security to all visitors,” said Ahmad Saeed Al Zood, Director of Corporate Communication Department at SIRA.

Dubai security guards welcome back visitors Supplied

“Security guards playing a key role in restoring the people’s confidence to practice their normal life. Emiratis, residents, and tourists are more than welcome.”

Different security guards welcomed the people in their languages using the hashtag #Weclome_to_Dubai.

Earlier this year, SIRA issued guidelines for security guards in the emirate on how to protect themselves from coronavirus and what to do if they have to deal with an infected case.

The guide explains the virus’s symptoms and what to do for suspected cases when they are on duty.

Guards were told to keep a safe distance from the public and sanitise, wash their hands all the time and not to touch their faces.

The guide to educate the guards includes precautionary measures like; washing hands for 20 seconds, covering their noses while coughing or sneezing and avoiding direct contact with any person with suspected cases.