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Sharjah Police officer Mohammad Hassan with Mazen Ahmad Al Khateib and his family. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Mazen Ahmad Al Khateib, a Syrian expat living in Sharjah, had a most remarkable experience of the humanitarian side of Sharjah Police.

Last Friday, the 46-year-old civil engineer, who resides in the Al Qasba area, was driving from Al Jubail area toward Al Khan around 11.30pm when he was stopped by a police patrol. The policeman told him that he was threw a cigarette from his vehicle on the road. Surprised, Mazen denied the charge.

The police officer then told him to park his vehicle on the side of road to discuss the issue. When Mazen stepped out of his vehicle, he was informed that the violation was recorded by the camera installed on the police patrol vehicle, and was also spotted by police officers. Mazen was then issued a fine of Dh1,000.

Brother at fault

However, it soon came to light that the cigarette was thrown by Mazen’s brother Mohammad, who was in the car along with Mazen’s father and his son. His 76-year-old father had come to visit Mazen on March 20. Mohammad had thrown the cigarette stub from the rear window of the car.

When Mazen confirmed to the police that his brother committed the violation, he was informed that in such cases, the violation is always registered under the name of the car’s owner.

Accepting the situation, Mazen requested the police officer, Mohammad Hassan, not to mention the fine amount of Dh1,000 in front of his father, as it would amount to almost a million Syrian lira when converted. Thus he wished to spare his father the pain of hearing of such a huge monetary loss.

Rare gesture

Hassan then asked Mazen: “Where is your father? Is he in the car?” He then walked over to the car to see the father with the violation papers in his hand. Greeting the elderly man, Hassan said, “How are you, my father, alhamdulillah.” He then explained to the father that his son had violated the law and mentioned the fine amount. “Father, your son made a mistake and committed a violation,” and asked him for his judgement. The father told the policeman your words are correct and he must be punished, but forgiveness is generous.

Hassan then told the elderly man, “For your sake I agree not to issue the fine. But I have one condition — that you follow me and accept my invitation for the dinner. You have travelled from a country in which there is war, we must do our duty and hospitality.”

Since the family had already their dinner, Hassan asked Mazen for his mobile number. Half an hour later, he called Mazen and asked him to meet him along his elderly father in Al-Buhaira Corniche.


When they met, he was holding a bouquet of flowers, juice and a welcome message in his hand. The message read “Gift from happiness employee Mohammad Hassan from the Traffic and Patrols Department ... Gift from Sharjah Police to the people of beloved Syria, welcome to your country, the Emirates.”

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Mazen Ahmad Al Khateib's with the flowers and the message from Sharjah Police. Image Credit: Supplied

His father was in tears of joy at receiving the message, Mazen said, as he was coming from the suffering of war in Syria to the country of security and safety, the country of tolerance, the country of the late Sheikh Zayed and the sons of Zayed, the country of happiness. “Really, I do not have enough words to thank the policeman for his noble deed,” Mazen said.

He added that his brother, Mohammad, learnt his lesson and he would never throw anything from the car window and remain careful in future.