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NCEMA says taking the vaccine has become a humanitarian and moral duty for all Image Credit: WAM

Dubai: The UAE is moving steadily and confidently towards containing the current pandemic and moving forward through the recovery planning phase with competence and ability through its institutions and members of society, both citizens and (expat) residents, National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) announced on Tuesday.

In a series of tweets that highlighted the salient points of its media briefing on Tuesday evening, it said, “We emphasise that taking the vaccine has become a humanitarian and moral duty for all, for the health and safety of the community and in support of the national efforts to overcome this pandemic. Compliance with precautionary measures by members of society is one of the most important tools to deal with the pandemic, and therefore violators of these measures face penalties as a result of their negligence. This includes both institutions and individuals.”

It said the vaccine is the safest way towards a full and sustainable recovery, the only way to restore normalcy and resume economic activity in all sectors. “This requires the community to respond to the campaign and take the vaccine.”

26 million tests

The UAE continues its wide screening approach to check the spread of the pandemic by testing large sections of the society, with the total number of tests exceeding 26 million, the NCEMA said.

It said, “UAE has followed a unique model by successfully striking a balance between the health of the society and continued economic activities in key sectors safely.”

UAE has remarkable services that any visitor or tourist can enjoy and has succeeded in providing a “safe tourism” experience for visitors of different nationalities, enhancing its reputation and position among the best tourist destinations around the world, the authority said.

Achieving the acquired societal immunity helps reduce infection and control the spread of the virus, it said, noting, UAE has also raised community awareness of the importance of taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all members of the community and visitors.

According to the authority, the rate of infection to total tests conducted is one of the lowest regionally and globally, thanks to the effectiveness of the measures taken, the application of the best and latest medical screening tests, and high community awareness of adherence to precautionary measures.

Stringent procedures

It said, “Precautionary and preventive measures, the national vaccination campaign and enforcement of violations came within a thorough framework to ensure a safe environment and a step to return to normal life. We will witness more stringent procedures against violators in the coming period.”

Individuals’ response to the national COVID-19 vaccination campaign is the best option to maintain the community’s health, reducing the virus’ spread, and embarking on a sustainable recovery phase, it added.

UAE also adopts a package of precautionary and preventive measures to ensure that everyone has a pleasant stay in the country within a safe and healthy environment. “Despite the high number of COVID-19 cases in the country, UAE has the ability to deal with this increase through a flexible and highly agile model in dealing with any developments,” it added.

50 per cent coverage

Tremendous efforts have resulted in an increase in the demand for vaccines, as part of a national plan to reach more than 50 per cent of the population during the first quarter of this year in an effort to reach the acquired societal immunity resulting from vaccination, it said.

Dealing with the current health challenge and overcoming it requires solidarity and responsible community awareness and the most effective way to achieve that is through the vaccine to get back to a normal life and to protect ourselves, our families and our communities, it said.

It said UAE is adopting the latest innovative treatments, enhancing the capacity of the health sector, expanding screening tests and providing medical and preventive supplies.

“We call on everyone to abide by all declared measures to protect yourselves, your families and your community and not to circulate rumours and seek information from official sources.