20221201 free parking
RTA clarifies that there is no waiver of fee in the paid parking zones during working days Image Credit: Gulf News/archive

Dubai: There is no fee waiver in the paid parking areas in Dubai except some exceptions, clarified Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Motorists must pay parking fee in the paid parking zones. In a warning on social media, RTA says: “Parking fees applies to all parking control zones, noting that due to weather conditions, individual cases will be considered based on the condition at each place.”

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Dubai Metro

Meanwhile, RTA informs that Dubai Metro is currently operating as per the operational hours on Red line in both directions in the following stations: from Centrepoint Station to Business Bay, passing directly afterward to Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Internet City stations, from Jabal Ali Station to Expo2020.

Marine Transport

RTA informs you that the Marine Transport services are operating according to the normal working hours.