Truck and other heavy vehicle drivers have been advised to show extra caution while driving around the time of sunset. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche/Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Energy logistics company and road safety advocate Tristar has reminded truck drivers to be extra careful during this Ramadan.

“During Ramadan, there tends to be a higher rate of road incidents, especially during sunset. All truck drivers are urged to pay extra attention on the road for both their and others’ safety,” noted M.S. Sridhar, HSEQ Manager at Tristar Group.

“Every year, Tristar implements a special training programme for drivers who are fasting. The training programme covers topics such as sleep management, physical wellness and proper diet. These activities prepare the drivers to be able to perform their tasks of transporting dangerous goods and flammable products during the daytime,” he said.

Technology against driver fatigue

Sridhar further said: “At Tristar, we use technology to avoid accidents due to fatigue. We have fitted 50 vehicles with a Driver Fatigue Management System, which is equipped with an in-cab sensor to monitor eye, face and head positions to determine whether a driver is fatigued or distracted.

M.S. Sridhar

“When a driver closes his eyes for at least 1.5 seconds — which is considered a microsleep — the driver’s seat vibrates to keep him awake. Then a notification with a video capture of the driver’s microsleep is sent to the Journey Management Control Room, from where a team member calls the driver at his designated rest stop to advise him to take enough rest and then continue the journey once the driver has rested and is fully alert.”

Safety tips for fasting drivers

The special training programme also covers sleep management, daily exercise and weight monitoring. The programme also shares the ideal diet for suhoor and iftar, the need to keep cool during summer as well as use of safe routes and avoidance of road rage and rush hours during Ramadan.

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Here are some crucial tips shared by Tristar:

> Follow all COVID-19 precautionary measures set by government authorities.

> Apply defensive driving Course (DDC) techniques.

> Ensure to have enough rest and sleep to avoid fatigue.

> Travel as early as possible and avoid driving during sunset.

> Eat healthy food during Iftar and during Suhoor to ensure your body is getting the right nutrients.

> Take a 15-minute break after driving for two continuous hours.

> Pay extra attention while driving near mosques.