Dubai Police first responder
Emergency vehicles will contact motorists who block the road through the car radio. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: Emergency first responders are putting the brakes on drivers who block their paths.

As part of a new initiative, Dubai Ambulance and Dubai Police announced that emergency vehicles will contact motorists via car radio and warn them to move out of the way.

“The arrival of an ambulances as soon as possible means a life opportunity for others,” said Dubai Ambulance. “In an emergency, a minute makes all the difference . Help emergency vehicles save lives by giving way immediately after being aware of their presence, or when you hear an alert from your car radio.”

On its Twitter account, Dubai Police said drivers who block emergency vehicles will hear this message on their car radio: “"Attention, emergency vehicle approaching. Please give way."

Not giving way to emergency vehicles and official convoys will result in a fine of Dh3,000, six black points and vehicle being impounded for 30 days.

Do it right

  • Don’t follow emergency vehicles.
  • Don’t use the road shoulders at all times.
  • Don’t cross the pedestrian crossing area when you see or hear emergency vehicles approaching.
  • Don’t cross the red signal when you see emergency vehicles approaching.