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An ambulance in a traffic jam in Deira. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: Police, on Monday, released a video for motorists in Dubai as part of their latest campaign "Give Way, Give Hope". The campaign is targeted to make giving way to emergency vehicles a cultural norm among all drivers in the UAE.

Dubai Police in coordination with concerned authorities launched the three-month campaign on October 1.

The YouTube video shared by Dubai Police gives instructions for various scenarios encountered by motorists and even pedestrians.

Even in giving way to an emergency vehicle, the video details that motorists cannot pass a red light. Car drivers are expected to give way to the sides to allow the emergency vehicle to pass. Cars coming through roads with Green signals are expected to carefully stop for the emergency vehicle to pass.

Motorists are also expected to keep to the right lane on exiting a roundabout while giving way. No cars are allowed to immediately follow the emergency vehicle at any point.

How to give way to an emergency vehicle

On highways: If you are on the left lane on a main road, move to the right to give way for emergency vehicles which use the left lane

On Internal roads: Emergency vehicles make their way between vehicles, so motorists should give way by moving to the left of right

At intersections: Give way by moving to the left or right

At red signal: emergency vehicles may cross and proceed after a brief stop, so give way without crossing the red signal.

At roundabouts: Emergency vehicles enter the roundabout cautiously, so help give way by not entering the roundabout.

If you are already inside the roundabout, then keep moving, exit the roundabout and move to the right lane at the earliest opportunity

General Instructions

Don’t follow emergency vehicles

Don’t use the road shoulders at all times

Don’t cross the pedestrian crossing area when you see or hear emergency vehicles approaching

Don’t cross the red signal when you see emergency vehicles approaching

The fine for not giving way to emergency and convoy vehicles is Dh3,000 with six black points and vehicle being impounded for 30 days.