dubai tourists
Dubai tourists Image Credit: File photo

Dubai: A group of tourists who lost some belongings while visiting Dubai thanked the city’s police for finding the items and sending them back to their home countries, an official said on Tuesday.

Brigadier Yousef Al Adidi, Director of Al Qusais Police Station, said that a British tourist who lost his wallet while visiting Dubai was surprised to have it returned to him in his home country UK.

“He lost his wallet inside a taxi while he was heading to Dubai International Airport ahead of his departure. The wallet had 13 different credit cards and personal documents. The taxi driver found the wallet and handed it over to the police station,” said Brig Al Adidi.

Dubai Police looked for the tourist but he had already exited the country.

“We contacted the tourist over the phone and shipped the wallet to him,” the official said.

The British tourist emailed Dubai Police after receiving the wallet to thank them.

“It means a lot to me. Thank you,” the tourist said in his letter to Dubai Police.

In a separate incident, Dubai Police delivered a back-pack to a Kuwaiti national who lost it in Dubai.

“Someone found the bag and delivered it to Al Qusais police station. The bag had a smart mobile phone and tablet. After verifying the bag owner, police delivered it to the Kuwaiti man at his home,” Brig Al Adidi added.

In a third incident, a Saudi national forgot his mobile phone inside a taxi while returning to Saudi Arabia.

The driver found the phone and handed it over to Dubai Police.

“We called the owner and later sent the phone to him through a cargo company,” said Brig Al Adidi.

The Saudi national thanked Dubai Police for delivering the phone claiming it has private family pictures and data.