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Dubai: Now how many people do you know won a jackpot in their lifetime — and then sit quiet about it?

Meet these two millionaires who won the Big Ticket jackpot and have no clue what to do with their winning money. At least not yet.

Can you help give them ideas?

We are not talking about just several thousands of dirhams. In fact, we are talking millions here. And yet these two lucky millionaires are clueless about what to do with their big win.

Filipina winner
On September 3, 2019 Filipina expat Marelie David won the Big Ticket 10 million. She is seen here (photo blurred upon request) while drawing winning ticket during the October 3 raffle) Image Credit: Facebook

On September 3, Filipina expat Marelie David won the Big Ticket 10 million series 207. She shared her ticket with a few others and her share of the win came down to Dh1 million, equivalent to about Php14 million in Philippine pesos.

Now that's not a small amount for a housewife whose husband works in a private company in Dubai.

So when Gulf News called her on Monday to ask what she was planning with her win, we were rather surprised by her composure and reply: “I don’t know!”

Where is the money sitting right now?

“In my bank account. We have not thought about what we want to do with all this money. For now, I have given some money to charity. I have shared a little with my family. No other plans as of now,” said David.

Don’t you want to buy something fancy, like a luxury car or a sprawling villa on the Palm or Emirates Hills?

“No. For now it sits in my account, I will see what to do with it later,” she insisted. Upon a little more probing, she said some money will go towards her 11-year-old son’s school education.

“I don’t want to say more as I don’t know and I don’t want a lot of people to know about my plans.”

OK, fair enough.

For the record, David is from Pasig City, a suburb of Manila. She won an equivalent of Php142 million, with her ticket No. 172193. This is certainly a life-changing amount back in her home country, the Philippines. And we can only wish her (and her winning syndicate) well with the handsome sum.

Mohammad Fayaz

As a millennial, we would think last month’s Big Ticket winner Mohammad Fayaz, 24, from Karnataka, India would be a bit more splurging – or have a more ambitious plan.

After all he won Dh12 million on October 3, 2019.

Mohammad’s ticket number 059070 was picked up as the winner in the latest draw held on Thursday in the capital.

Mohammad Fayaz JA 20191004
Big Ticket winner Mohammad Fayaz, 24, from Karnataka, India won Dh12 million on October 3.

But Mohammad just received his winning cheque on Sunday, November 3, in Mumbai where he is currently based.

Last month on the winning night, the organisers of the Big Ticket Draw had to call him several times before reaching him. His line was busy the first four times and he picked up on the fifth try.

What are his plans with the huge sum?

“I haven’t done anything with my money yet. I just got my cheque yesterday(Sunday),” Mohammed said. He is sharing his win with others. “We are yet to decide who gets how much. We all will earn a big chunk for sure.”

Fayaz currently works as an accountant in Mumbai. He grew up to Mangalore, Karnataka in India. His parents are deceased and his family consists of an older brother, sister and younger sister.

“Definitely, some part of the money will go for my family. I have but decided the amounts yet. My younger sister is studying so I would like to help her. Rest will go into savings. I don’t know if ever I will win such a massive amount again. Plus the economy in India could be passing through some challenging times.

"In times like this I want to safeguard this money to my best ability,” Fayaz said rather calmly in a telephone call from Mumbai last month.

Upon prodding him a little bit more on his plans, Fayaz said: "Maybe a business in UAE? I don’t want to make plans before the money arrives. Now that it has come, I will think about what to do with it,” said Fayaz.

What is Big Ticket

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Duty Free live draw event is held each month at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The draw has been done since 1992.

Today, Big Ticket is the largest and longest-running raffle draw for cash prizes and dream luxury cars, having given away millions of cash prizes in both dirhams and US dollars and luxury cars.

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