Big Ticket winner
Sreenu Sreedharan wins Dh15 million Big Ticket Jackpot Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Yesterday was a life changing day for one 28-year-old labourer in Dubai.

He won the jackpot.

Meet 28-year-old Sreenu Sreedharan Nair, a technical worker who earns Dh1,500 monthly salary for a private company in Dubai.

How much did he win?

He won a whopping Dh15 million at the latest Big Ticket draw held in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, November 3.

Nair shares the ticket with 21 other colleagues in his company. He paid Dh25 of the Dh500 priced ticket, setting his share of the win at five per cent.

So effectively, Nair has won five per cent of Dh15 million which is Dh750,000. When converted to Indian rupees, this translates to Rs. 1.42 crores.

Now you know why yesterday was a life-changing moment for this man.

Grateful for the win

In a telephone call to Gulf News on Monday, Nair said he was grateful for the win. “I don’t know what to say. I am not aware of the exact amount I have won. The news is still sinking in. I know that I paid Dh25 for my ticket and I will get the corresponding share of the winning amount.”

Don’t worry Nair, we have done the calculation for you!

“My mobile has been ringing constantly. I have not had time to think as to what I will do with all this money. I was building a house in Allepey, Kerala and that was stopped as I did not have money to fund it. I will complete it now,” said Nair who is single and has parents back in India.

“I will definitely save quite a bit.”

Nair said his family back home in Kerala is very poor. As Nair does not speak English, Gulf News had to have in the interview translated through his colleague.

According to organisers of Big Ticket, Nair bought his winning ticket on October 20 via online. His winning ticket number 098165 was picked up from Draw number 209.

Calls unreacheable 

On Sunday – the organisers of the draw tried to reach Nair constantly – in order to inform him of his jackpot. But to no avail. Finally, organisers of the Big Ticket draw were able to speak to him and give him the good news on Monday morning.

Last month, another millennial turned a multi-millionaire overnight thanks to winning the Big Ticket Draw. At just 24, an Indian accountant’s life changed overnight after he too won the massive Big Ticket Dh12 million draw.

Mohammad Fayaz JA's ticket number 059070 was picked up as the winner.

In his case as well, Big Ticket had to call several times to reach him and inform him of the jackpot win. It was only in the fifth try, that they were successful.