Sreenu Sreedharan Nair's winning ticket
Sreenu Sreedharan Nair's winning ticket Image Credit: Screengrab

Abu Dhabi: An Indian became the new multimillionaire of Big Ticket raffles after winning Dh15 million in the latest Big Ticket draw in Abu Dhabi on Sunday evening.

Sreenu Sreedharan Nair, who lives in India, was not reachable when Big Ticket organisers called him four to five times.

When called on one of his number the person said I don't know him. On another number, the person acknowledged that he knows Nair but he is not here and can be reached only after half an hour.

Organisers will try to reach him later.

Last month, the Indian national Mohammad Fayaz JA, won Dh12 million, jackpot of Big Ticket raffle in Abu Dhabi. Fayaz works as an accountant in Mumbai and belongs to Mangalore, Karnataka, in India.

Big Ticket is the largest and longest-running monthly raffle draw for cash prizes and dream luxury cars in Abu Dhabi.

These tickets can be purchased online or at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain Duty Free and City Terminal Abu Dhabi.

A live draw is orchestrated at the arrivals entrance of the airport.

Tickets remain at their usual price of just Dh500, and if you buy two tickets one ticket is given for free under buy-one-get-one free scheme.


Indian Sreenu Sreedharan Nair became the new multi-millionaire of the Big Ticket raffles; his ticket, number 098165, won Dh15 million in the latest draw in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, November 3.

Other winners of the draw are:

Neeshad Hamid, from India, who lives in Dubai ,who wins a BMW Series 9​​​​​​. 

Owner of ticket number 179853, Arun Babu from India, won Dh10,000.

Another Dh10,000 is won by the owner of ticket number 199183. Shrikant Nair, from India.

Dh20,000 is won by owner of ticket number 128020.

The ticket number 285812, owned by Sajit Kumar, who is from India and lives in Ajman, is now Dh20,000 richer.

Ticket number 151207, which was bought by Dubai-based Indian expat George Verghese, wins Dh30,000.

Another Dh50,000 is won by the holder of ticket number 014861; Rajiv Rajan, who lives in Dubai and is from India.

Ticket number 315105 wins Dh70,000. It was bought by Indian Abdul Rashid Kadalel, who lives in the UAE captial.

Ticket number 331383 wins Dh90,000. Dh100,000 won by owner of ticket number 061736, Indian Zahir Khan. 

15 million Series 209 Winner's list

Winner's list Image Credit: Big Ticket