All smiles: The 14 year old after his tooth was reimplanted. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A 14-year-old boy’s tooth was successfully replanted after it was knocked out when he met with an accident while riding a scooter.

After the accident, the boy’s mother kept the tooth soaked in milk, which prevented it from drying out and ensured temporary preservation. She then took him to Al Falah Healthcare Centre — part of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha) healthcare network in Abu Dhabi — the next day.

According to Seha, the mother was concerned about the cosmetic impact of a missing tooth on the teenager. The family, therefore, chose to proceed with the replantation procedure after a thorough dental examination, despite it having a success rate of only seven per cent in cases when a tooth is replanted beyond 12 hours after it getting damaged.

On a soft diet

The tooth was first cleansed without removing the soft tissue and replanted into the dental socket. A splint was then placed, stabilising all the weak teeth together. A pre and post-operative X-ray was then taken to determine the procedure’s efficacy.

The patient was advised to follow a soft diet for two weeks and to refrain from any heavy physical exercise or games to avoid possible trauma or bleeding. Eight days after the first procedure, a root canal was performed, followed by the removal of the splint.

‘Putting worries to rest’

“Following the tailored treatment plan was essential for its success. The patient and his family did well in following all the instructions. In fact, no mobility or complication has been noted post-treatment for nearly a year now. The patient and his mother were very worried about the missing tooth and its effect on the teenager’s social interactions. But we were able to put their worries to rest and succeeded in restoring his tooth, secure his smile and help regain his confidence. The patient and his family were delighted with the result, considering the low success rate of such procedures,” said Dr Amal Gamal Ebrahim, a family and cosmetic dentist who handled the case.