Tajik Consul General in Dubai Ilhom Abdurahmon (second from right) during his visit to Dubai Police Museum Image Credit:

Dubai: A delegation from the Consulate General of the Republic of Tajikistan, headed by Consul General Ilhom Abdurahmon, has recently visited the Dubai Police Museum.

The Tajik delegation had a guided tour across the halls that are filled with old photographs, exhibits, weapons and equipment. They were also briefed on the development and progress of the city’s law enforcement.

Informative tour

They were also introduced to the history and scientific investigative methods, the early telecommunication devices used during drug busts in the 1980s, and some of the confiscated items in various cases.

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Towards the end of the visit, the delegation expressed their admiration for the Dubai Police’s rich history and thanked the officials for the informative tour.

The delegation was received by Col Ahmed Muhammad Al Ali, head of Islamic Affairs and Tolerance Department; Maj Ali Youssef Yaqoub, acting head of the Cultural Diversity Department in the Security Awareness Department; and Alia Mohammed Al-Ajla, head of the Dubai Police Museum Department.