Abu Dhabi Court Image Credit: Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Appeals Court has fined a well-known social media personality a asum of Dh300,000 and ordered the closure of his accounts for jeopardising the social fabric of the society and public order, a statement from the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department said on Thursday.

The Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi referred the accused to trial in connection with video clips that portrayed behaviour that violates public morals, in addition to using UAE currency to burn incense.

The person whose identity was not revealed was also prohibited from using social media platforms for a year and all his accounts were suspended. The mobile phone used to carry out the crimes was also seized.

The Abu Dhabi Appeals Court upheld the ruling issued by the Court of First Instance where a person misused social media websites to publish material that distorted public morals.

The Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi called on social networking sites users to show a sense of responsibility towards what was published.

Offenders may face imprisonment and fine or both, the department said.

Abu Dhabi Prosecution confirmed that the legislation in the UAE addresses all practices that constitute acts against public morals through modern technologies and social media.

Article 17 of Decree of Federal Law No. 5 of 2012 on combating information technology crimes stipulates that a person shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine of no less than Dh250,000 and not exceeding Dh500,000, or one of these two penalties.

It is applied on those who establishe or operate a website or supervise it, broadcast, send, publish or republish prohibited materials, and everything that might affect public morals.

According to the evidence submitted by the Public Prosecution, the Abu Dhabi Misdemeanor Court found him guilty. He was slapped a fine of Dh300,000 on two charges, in addition his accounts being closed.