Workers at a kitchen in Sharjah get ready with food distribution for Iftar, earlier. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Archives

Sharjah: Sharjah Charitable International has confirmed that its doors and channels will remain open to receive donations from those wishing to support the ‘Iftar Meals’ project, through which the charity organisation aims to distribute one million iftar meals from 93 sites across Sharjah and also from select locations outside the UAE.

Along with distribution of free iftar meals within Sharjah, the charity organisation will distribute free meals to fasting people in other countries where the organisation has its footprints. This will be done through direct coordination with embassies and association offices in those countries. Sharjah Charitable International has called upon philanthropists to support the project and contribute to the cause.

Abdullah Sultan bin Khadim, executive director for Sharjah Charitable International, said: the Supreme Committee of the Ramadan Campaign continues to receive donations to ensure full implementation of the projects announced earlier. The iftar meals project is one of those initiatives through which we aspire to distribute one million iftar meals to those fasting inside as well as outside the UAE. For this, we need the support of philanthropists, the association’s donors and supporters.”

He further explained that the High Committee of the Ramadan Campaign completed early completion of the drawing of contracts with 31 kitchens to supply iftar meals. These kitchens were selected based on certain specific criteria in terms of meal quality and level of safety and hygiene for meal preparation, transportation and distribution, in full compliance with the precautionary measures announced in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Bin Khadim added that the association had selected 93 distribution sites within the emirate that include the entrances and exits of the emirate, areas that have a dense population of workers, low-income people and needy families. A total of 750,000 meals will be distributed all through Ramadan in Sharjah, at 25,000 meals per day.

Bin Khadim pointed out that donations will be received through the electronic donation channels on the association’s website, through smart links, text messages, credit cards and bank transfers. Donors can call the toll-free number, 80014, for further queries.