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Abu Dhabi is putting together a major transformation of its tech space, both within government and outside. It is paying off based on the latest rankings in the Global Technology Index. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Abu Dhabi’s digital strategy is paying off – the emirate is ranked fifth in the world on cyber security and in having a conducive tech regulatory framework.

At the broader level, Abu Dhabi is now in 11th spot in the Global Technology Index, which is based on World Digital Competitiveness Yearbook 2020. This is authored by the International Institute for Management Development.

“These results constitute an incentive to move forward in the digital transformation process and explore new opportunities in the technology sector,” said Ali Rashid Al Ketbi, Chairman of the Department of Government Support, which comes under the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority.

A base for tech talent
In the tech startup space, Abu Dhabi has been clocking up gains. Its Hub71 cluster as well as other government-driven initiatives plans to attract fintech and other ventures through direct investments or other support mechanisms.

Abu Dhabi is the headquarters for Anghami, the music streaming company that will in June his the Nasdaq charts with a public listing.

Skill sets

It ranks sixth on tech skills. Abu Dhabi has been setting a hot pace in driving digital change within its government departments and bringing the workforce up to speed on the needed skills. Recently, it announced a three-phase programme to upskill the tech credentials of its public sector workforce, and set ambitious timelines for the completion of the task.

In the Global technology Index, the emirate also scored on public-private partnerships, by coming in fifth, and placed eighth on the technology framework index.