PUBG Indian boy
The online game PUBG is very popular among youngsters. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: AP

Sharjah: The Social Support Centre of Sharjah Police has come to the aid of an Asian teen, who lodged a police complaint against his father for beating him and throwing him out of the house.

Colonel Mona Surour, Director of social support centre, told Gulf News that the centre received one of the most bizarre cases among family members as it was connected with gaming.

A 16-year-old boy walked in to police station to lodge a complaint against his father for not allowing him playing PUBG. The teen was adamant in wanting to meet the station officer as his father beat him up and threw him out of the house. The teen justified his demand by saying that he was being deprived of his right to choose his means of entertainment as he derived pleasure and comfort from the game.

A police officer immediately contacted the social support centre, who came to the scene and talked to the boy. The police then called the teen’s father to the station, who had told the officer that his son neglected his studies and only played the addictive video game. The father told the officer that he wanted his son to concentrate on his studies and quit playing because he is was worried about his son’s future.

Officers explained to the teenager that his father loved him and feared for his future. After a lot of coaxing and cajoling, the teenaged boy finally understood the situation and apologised to his father.

Police also explained to the father how to deal with his son, especially since the child was at an impressionable age.

Officers then chatted with the boy and asked him about his hobby. It was found that he loves to draw. At this, the department worked to develop the teen’s hobby in drawing. The department also sent to him a gift.

“Tackling social problems should not always be rule-bound and a solution can be found based on psychological counselling too,” Col. Surour said. She said that the centre, which received some odd cases, tries its best to ensure they resolve their differences amicably.