Issa Muhammad Al Falasi (3rd R) is a father for four daughters and two sons. He was worked in the sea since he was seven. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An Emirati sailor has been honoured by Dubai Police for saving eight fishermen from drowning and retrieving the bodies of two individuals.

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Yesterday (January 15), Gulf News reported how Issa Muhammad Al Falasi, 63, rescued the men - six Indians and two Pakistanis - after their boat overturned during a fishing trip.

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Major General Ahmed Mohammed Rafie, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Community Happiness and Logistics Affairs, honoured Al Falasi - as per the directives of Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police - in recognition of his swift response.

Maj Gen Rafie said Al Falasi’s efforts exemplify the commitment of Emirati citizens towards extending a helping hand, particularly in challenging situations.

Al Falasi expressed his gratitude to the Dubai Police for honouring him, affirming that his actions were motivated by a sense of humanitarian duty and his commitment as a UAE citizen to assist others. He advised all individuals planning fishing trips or outings to prioritise their safety by following necessary precautions.

What had happened?

Al Falasi, during a fishing trip, had noticed a person being carried by the waves at a distance. Without hesitation, he swiftly approached the man and was taken aback by the realisation that, after rescuing and providing initial medical aid to the man, nine more individuals were aboard the boat and needed assistance.

He conducted a search and managed to save eight fishermen, but he was unable to rescue two individuals as they had already drowned before he could reach them. Al Falasi recovered their bodies.