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The 400kg woman who needed medical help resides in an apartment in Sharjah. Image Credit: Gulf News

Sharjah: In a gripping night rescue operation, a team of heroes, including Sharjah firefighters, the National Ambulance team, Sharjah Police Ambulance, and Dubai Ambulance, recently worked together to save a 48-year-old Arab woman weighing a staggering 400kg and move her out of her apartment.

The woman, battling heart disease and struggling with shortness of breath, was in desperate need of immediate medical intervention.

The national ambulance service urgently called for her transport to the hospital, but the gravity of the situation became apparent as her massive weight presented an imposing obstacle.

The joint efforts of Sharjah Civil Defence, the National Ambulance, and the Sharjah Police Ambulance proved successful, with the additional support of a specialised vehicle from Dubai Ambulance designed for handling heavy weights.

Complex operation

The complex operation involved extricating the woman from her fifth-floor apartment, a process that took nearly two hours.

Faced with the difficulty of manoeuvring the woman through the narrow opening of her flat’s front door, the family sought assistance from Sharjah Civil Defence after exploring alternative options.

Brigadier Sami Khamis Al Naqbi, Director-General of Sharjah Civil Defence authority, told Gulf News that they received a request for assistance from the national ambulance on Tuesday night to help move the 400kg woman to the hospital.

Time was critical, the family said, because the woman’s medical condition was worsening and she needed immediate medical assistance in hospital and could not be treated at home.

Firefighters used special equipment to lift the woman out of the apartment where she stayed.

Brigadier Al Naqbi explained that firefighters put a cover around her body in order not to hurt her and to complete the operation safely.

Once safely brought down to the ground, she was transported by National Ambulance and a Dubai Ambulance special vehicle to a hospital in Umm Al Quwain for treatment.