Adnan is a businessman who has been living in the UAE for 20 years Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Palestinian expat bagged a total of Dh86,956 after winning twice in the same draw held by Mahzooz.

Adnan, a 36-year-old businessman, took home the amount after winning Dh43,478 two times in the second prize draw of Dh1 million, which was shared equally among 23 participants (22 different individuals with one participant - Adnan - winning twice). Since both his set of numbers for each line in the draw won, Adnan clinched double the amount won by other participants.

The double draw winner, who has been living in the UAE for 20 years, participated in the 112th Mahzooz Super Saturday Draws on January 21.

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He had started participating in Mahzooz - which means ‘lucky’ in Arabic - only six months ago.

Last week, not expecting that he would strike it lucky twice in the same draw, Adnan bought two Mahzooz water bottles, as he always does, chose the same set of numbers for each line and ended up among the second prize winners, not only once but twice.

Adnan has not yet informed his family members or made any plans on how to spend his prize money.

“I always buy two water bottles for every draw and this time was no different. What was different this week, is my luck. I will continue to participate in Mahzooz hoping that one day, I will be the winner of Dh10 million,” said Adnan.

Dh100,000 winners

The raffle draw saw three other participants win Dh100,000 each. The winning raffle numbers were 28692140, 28752052, and 28579896, which belonged to Sajeev and Nirav from India, and Gilberto from the Philippines, respectively.