An accident site in Dubai. For illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: As many as 101,119 motorists in Dubai used their smartphones to report minor traffic accidents in Dubai during 2020, police said.

Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, general director of Artificial Intelligence Department at Dubai Police, said on Wednesday that drivers used the Dubai Police smart app to record the roadside mishaps from the beginning of the year until October 1, 2020.

“The stats showed the efficiency of the app as well as how easy to use it. Those drivers who used the service didn’t need to wait for police patrols to come and make the accident report. The service cut time and effort and reduced traffic jams on the roads because of minor accidents,” Brigadier Al Razooqi said. The online service, he added, can be found in the police application and is called ‘Report Minor Accident’.

“It is an easy and simple way to report accidents. Motorists can receive the police report for the accident, which they can then present to insurers,” he said. “So in case there is a minor accident, drivers can send us the report right away, and the police officers will check the data and issue a report in few minutes. A copy for each driver will be sent to their email and to the insurance companies.”

Information that needs to be entered includes number plates of both cars, the complainant’s licence number, photos of the damage to cars, the complainant’s email and a few other details that will help officers understand what happened.

The app also has a guide in both Arabic and English explaining the steps if anyone has trouble using it.

It also sends the exact location of the accident and identifies the nearest police station, which will be handling the reports for the accident.

According to Dubai Police, if the police need more information to determine what happened, they will call the drivers involved in the accident.

Traffic accidents notification

Brigadier Al Razooqi, urged drivers to benefit from the ‘Trafic Accidents notification’ service in the police app which notify the drivers about traffic accidents in their map to avoid traffic jams by using alternative roads. “There is a text or voice notification in the app about the location of the accident and the alternative roads to use by the driver,” Brig Al Razooqi added.