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The Abu Dhabi city skyline. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Archives

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi residents can now apply to install outdoor parking shades in residential areas, following the launch of a new service by the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT).

The DMT has additionally called upon existing owners of parking shades or canopies in public areas to remedy the design of existing shade structures, based on DMT’s Parking Shades Permit guidelines, within the next year.

Residential development

In a statement, the DMT said the new permits aim to organise Abu Dhabi’s infrastructure and contribute to the sustainable development of residential communities. The permit system is available on the DMT’s Smart Hub digital services platform, and includes drawing and documentation approvals for applicants.


Any application for parking shades must be submitted by owners who have already obtained accredited parking permits. Owners must also apply for the renewal of the existing parking authorisation for the area outside the residential plot before the expiration date of the old one.


A Dh1,000 fee is applicable to obtain a new parking shade licence, and Dh200 is required to renew a parking space licence. The owner of the licence is, however, exempted from paying fees if he/she has already obtained a final licence for the beautification of residential plots.

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“The new service specifies certain general and private criteria for the planning and design of parking shades and their locations. These specifications are intended to maintain the safety and security of Abu Dhabi’s communities as well as maintain a positive city image,” the DMT said in a statement.

The DMT also urged residents to comply with the new measures to avoid being fined in accordance with Law No 16 of 2009, which regulates construction in Abu Dhabi and protects the city’s overall appearance and the safety of its residents.