Emirates Draw
Emirates Draw announce on Tuesday to increase the 'Grand Prize' money to Dh83m for their next draw. Image Credit:

Dubai: The biggest ever ‘Grand Prize’ in the UAE’s 50-year-long history just got bigger as the Emirates Draw, the UAE-based socially responsible organisation has increased the top winner’s prize from the current Dh77,777,777 to a staggering Dh83 million ahead of the December 11th draw.

The life-changing prizes will be paid to one lucky winner who manages to match all seven numbers in the exact sequence starting from right to left. There are also prizes for those who have less than seven matching numbers in the sequence.

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Individual prize

Emirates Draw is also the only game in the UAE which guarantees an individual prize of Dh77,777 each week for seven participants who are randomly selected by the algorithm, which means that over Dh2m in cash prizes will be equally split between 28 lucky winners over the next four weeks.

Since its inception and in less than three months, Emirates Draw has paid a total of approximately Dh9m in cash prizes to over 7,000 winners. A large portion of the profits is committed to various CSR causes including the regeneration programme of the UAE’s coral reef.

Transform lives

Mohammad Alawadhi, Managing Partner of Emirates Draw, said: “As the largest purpose-driven draw in the region, we aim to transform lives. In the short period since the launch of Emirates Draw, dozens of lucky winners have been given the opportunity to do better and dream bigger. With this increase, we are not only offering participants an opportunity to claim the biggest prize money in UAE history, but also help them improve their lives and hope for a better tomorrow.”

How to participate?

Entrants can choose to participate in the weekly draw by purchasing a Dh50 pencil and coral poly at Emirates Draw’s website. After registering online, participants can select their seven-digit number or have the system choose their number randomly.

With their purchase, participants are entered into two separate drawings, the first a raffle draw where every week seven lucky participants are guaranteed Dh77,777 each. In addition, all participants will be entered into a second draw with six prize categories that include a Grand Prize of Dh83 million when all seven numbers are matched.