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Dubai Health Authority (DHA) plans to establish a Medical Education Strategy to enhance the capabilities of medical staff and those working in medical supporting fields by ensuring that they are updated with the latest international medical practices. 

His Excellency Humaid Al Qutami, Director General of the DHA stressed the need to establish a strategy for medical education due to the rapid developments the health sector is witnessing globally. 

He added that to ensure that medical staff are updated with the latest international practices the DHA wants to establish an integrated medical education strategy that takes into account the training requirements of doctors and specialisations according to their respective certification (this includes those who have certification from the Arab, Irish, American and Canadian Boards). Al Qutami made the announcement on Wednesday during the two-day DHA workshop titled Innovation and future trends in Medical Education and Research, which included international guest speakers who spoke about the future trends in medical education and the importance of continuous education. 

Al Qutami stressed that the UAE values its qualified and trained human capital, which has been a driving force in the country’s development. For this reason the DHA is keen to invest in its human capital and provide them with an environment that harnesses creativity and innovation. 

Al Qutami stressed the importance of concentrating the efforts of all concerned parties to achieve the vision of the UAE of having an internationally leading health sector. To achieve this, the strategy will include programmes to develop medical sciences, training programmes, scientific and medical research tools that take into account the diversity of medical specialties and medical technological breakthroughs in the field. 

“Education and training is the real gateway to the success of any project or initiative, this is especially true in the health sector as medical education is the cornerstone of all medical breakthroughs. This has been confirmed globally by internationally successful experiences and models.”

Al Qutami also stressed that the medical sector is in great need of raising the level of medical research and focusing researches on innovative solutions that develop the medical field and that can be implemented in real life scenarios.  

He concluded by stating that the DHA is keen to enhance its partnership with all concerned parties including universities, colleges and education and research organisations to contribute to planning the medical education strategy. He said the authority hosted a number of international specialties on the day to benefit from their expertise in planning the strategy.