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One of the fastest growing companies in home healthcare, First Response is a leader in doctor-at-home services with its effective healthcare service delivery

What’s the first thing that you do when you have any healthcare emergency and need a doctor?

Search the relevant hospital, clinic, or the doctor….

Take an appointment… lucky if you can get it the same time or same day.

Travel all the way to the hospital, wrestling the weather and traffic.

Wait for your turn among other people who may also be sick.

Finally, see the doctor….

Most likely go to other departments or facilities to get more tests done.

Wait for reports and come back for the next round of consultation.

From this point to the final recovery, you would have spent endless number of hours and energy on travelling, scheduling appointments and waiting in queue for something that could have easily been achieved from the comfort and safety of your home with any JCI accredited healthcare-at-home service provider.

In a post-covid world, our society is moving towards remote and digital-led transformations at an unprecedented rate. More than ever before, with the help of technology, on-site healthcare service delivery, healthcare-at-home services have the ability to efficiently manage majority of primary (non-emergency) health care needs in home settings, giving hospitals and clinics enough time and space to manage secondary & tertiary (emergency and hospital admission) care effectively, that’s the reason why more and more people prefer getting treated in the privacy and comfort of their home.


o Doctor on Call

o Pediatrician at Home

o Physiotherapy at Home

o Nursing at Home

o PCR Testing at Home

o Vaccination at Home

o Nutritionist at Home

o Wellness at Home

o DNA Testing at Home

o Food Intolerance Test at Home

o Ambulance and Paramedic Services

How is Doctor at Home different from teleconsultation?

Teleconsultation refers to speaking with a doctor and taking their general consultation on your health problem over a phone or video call. While it’s more comfortable, it does not offer much beyond a verbal check-up and in some cases, a prescription for medicines.

Whereas doctor at home is exactly what it sounds like. A licensed, experienced, and well-trained doctor along with a nurse come to your home, ready to not just offer consultation but fully treat you following international standards (JCI), taking medical history, doing investigations and treatment along with all required follow-up dose administration till you recover. The vehicle of this team is well equipped with required POC devices and equipment to capture vital signs and manage any emergency. Equipment like BP Machine, Glucometer, ECG machine, Pulse Oxymeter, Nebulization and oxygen ..etc

All you have to do is call the service and sit back. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Because it is.

But is it as safe as the hospitals or clinic?


There are national and international bodies who are working round the clock to ensure that healthcare facilities abide by every single protocol laid down to ensure patient safety and quality of care. And that is why if you are seeking medical help, you must look out for the following licenses and accreditations when choosing their healthcare-at-home provider:

• Dubai Health Authority (DHA): The DHA is the official health authority in Dubai and runs a thorough process-check for every healthcare facility established and functioning in the Emirate. The patients must always ensure that their healthcare facility is licensed by the DHA.

• Joint Commission International (JCI): The JCI is an international accreditation recognized across the world for its patient safety process and quality of patient care. It’s always advisable to choose a healthcare facility that is accredited by the Joint Commission International to ensure that its quality of care & patient safety is uncompromised.

Are there healthcare-at-home services in Dubai?

You can find many home healthcare companies operating in UAE.

But among those, First Response Healthcare prides itself to be the only Dubai-based home healthcare facility accredited by the JCI for its uncompromised patient safety and quality of care.

More about First Response Healthcare

First Response Healthcare (FRH) was founded in Dubai to provide nonpareil healthcare services to its residents and tourists at the comfort of their home, hotel, office or any other location onsite.

One of the fastest growing companies in home healthcare which has today become a leader in doctor-at-home services with its effective healthcare service delivery since its inception. FRH has earned the trust of thousands of patients with its personalized care, quality treatment and a sincere commitment to overall well-being of its patients.

FRH is the only Dubai based dedicated doctor-at-home service provider to receive the joint commission international (JCI) accreditation for home healthcare. It is also the proud recipient of JCI’s Global Gold Seal of Approval for its services and processes.

Along with a team of fully licensed and trained doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists, FRH is equipped with robust processes and checkpoints to ensure best clinical outcome, patient safety and operational efficiency always. Our reward is a smiling and satisfied patient, client and partner.

FRH understand the healthcare emergencies well, it reaches in 30-45 minutes to attend you at your home, hotel or office. 30-45 minutes from a phone call to your doorbell.

FRH is one of the most diversified in terms of nationality of the team members and languages they speak. 11 nationalities and team can speak 15 global languages.

Our team of multinational and multilingual doctors and nurses are licensed by the DHA and are significantly experienced in dealing with patients and medical cases of all kinds. Certain critical emergencies we manage through our partner hospitals and ambulance services.

Always striving for excellence and innovation, First Response Healthcare has successfully expanded its scope of services beyond just doctor at home to the following. Earlier this year, First Response Healthcare also launched First Response Ambulance Services (FRAS), licensed by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS). Continuing our lead in providing all kinds of non-emergency healthcare services, FRAS has been instrumental in providing ambulance services to events and corporations that may need to use it.

Please note that you should always only call the Dubai Ambulance (998) in cases of emergency.

Here’s what some of our patients have to say about us

“Great experience! On-time service at the comfort of your home. Nurse Edith was super polite and comforting to my daughter. Highly recommended.”

— Athar Siddiqui

“On our travel, we had to call a doctor for my one-year-old daughter who got sick. Dr Iqra came to the hotel and did the consultation. Nurse Joe went with the doctor to help her and give her the medicine she needed. My daughter got a virus infection and was treated on the spot. After treating my daughter, Dr Iqra gave her a WhatsApp number, and at any time, she was prompt to answer my questions about my daughter’s health and improvement. My daughter wasn’t drinking enough water, and Dr Iqra decided to give her more fluids. So nurse Anna came to the hotel room and gave more fluids through my baby’s vein. I don’t know what I would have done without them. Very professional team, responsible and careful. Thank you to all the team. My daughter is 100 per cent well now. I’m lucky that I found you.”

— Yuri Yurits

“I fell sick in Dubai on my vacation, but First Response took care of me. From the beginning until the end, everything was perfect. Dr Alina and the nurses Skye and Laurene did take care of me and answered all of my questions. I thank all of them for their excellent job.”

— Sonia Kaur

“Not just first response but fast response as well. There were last minute hassles, but still they stand their ground. Thank you Arya and thank you First Response.”

— Wasim Raza

In conclusion

We understand that health issues can get scary and that’s why we’re here for you. By using our healthcare at home services, you give yourself an opportunity to save time, energy and even money in some cases. You allow yourself to be treated in the comfort, privacy and safety of your home and around your loved ones. All you do is sit back, call our 24x7 available call center and wait for our licensed and experienced teams to do their jobs. FRH never sleeps and operates 24X7 and 365 days of the year. No matter what your medical need is, we will be there for you.

Our 24X7 call centre number is +971505050387

Toll free number is 800DIALDOC,