The DermoViva range of handwashes, from Dabur Image Credit: Supplied

As we cautiously step into the new normal with the UAE restarting from a socio-economic drought, it is likely that we might drop our guard in our enthusiasm to go back to the usual. However, it is important to understand that the danger is yet to pass.

DermoViva has joined the fight with its range of natural handwashes to remind us that it is still not the time to let down your guard against germs and viruses. Every variant of DermoViva handwash has been carefully formulated to ensure that your hands are protected from germs and viruses. With DermoViva, you find safety and care with natural ingredients specifically picked to be gentle and kind on skin, not leaving it dry even after usage.

It is important to spread the message not just on what to use for sanitisation but how to use it and how often as well.

One of the best ways for that is to memorise, practise and teach the 10 steps handwash routine.

1. Wet your hands with water

2. Apply enough DermoViva Hand Wash to cover the hands

3. Rub your hands together to create a lather

4. With one hand rub the back of the other, cleaning between the fingers. Repeat with the other hand

5. Rub your hands together and clean between the fingers

6. Use the back of your fingers against your palms

7. On the back of one hand, rub one thumb and repeat for the other thumb

8. To clean the tips of your fingers, rub them in the palm of one hand and repeat for the other hand

9. Rinse your hands thoroughly with water

10. Using disposable tissue paper, dry your hands completely and turn the tap off with the same tissue

It is a matter of 20 seconds that can save a number of years.

“We want to establish safe hand-washing practices and push for strong immunity during this pandemic by offering the best products to our consumers,” says Vineet Jain, Head of Marketing, Dabur International. “DermoViva handwashes have been produced maintaining highest-quality standards, are GSO-compliant and enriched with the safest natural ingredients to help us fight this together. They are available in four variants: antibacterial enriched with the goodness of olive, fairness glow with saffron, moisture plus with aloe vera and age renewal with chamomile extracts in convenient sizes of 200ml and 500ml across leading supermarkets and e-commerce sites in the UAE.