Mohsin Abrar, Marketing Director at Emirates Food Industries (EFI) Image Credit: Supplied

With the rapid changes the world is witnessing, consumers’ lifestyles are also changing and adapting. The recent events, especially the pandemic, created a new level of awareness where people are keen to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The change has deeply impacted several shopping choices, but most importantly, it has affected consumers’ shopping behaviour of daily products such as dairy and juices. Mohsin Abrar, Marketing Director at Emirates Food Industries (EFI), says the most obvious change is that consumers are looking at their needs carefully based on lifestyle and occasions.

“This was a key factor for us to keep in mind when we launched our brand Hayatna - to cater to every consumer, need and occasion. The fresh and healthy products in our range are presented to accommodate to the changing lifestyle of every consumer. Our aim is to make Hayatna for everyone and every age group, every taste and every ethnicity. This includes dairy beverages and food products.

“Considering the various ethnicities and different backgrounds of consumers who reside in the UAE, at Hayatna we are inspired to produce unique categories that would bring the taste of home to the UAE through our products such as lassi, chaas, sour yoghurt and pot yoghurt.”