A Dubai Police official using the smart device to digitally capture fingerprints Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police have developed a smart device to lift fingerprints at crime scenes and match them with a special centralised database to cut time in catching criminals.

Major General Dr Ahmad Eid Al Mansouri, Director of the General Department of Forensics and Criminology at the force said the device is a significant upgrade from the gelatine-based traditional method, which involves manually transferring latent prints to laboratories for comparison.

“The smart device will support solving crimes and providing solid evidence in the investigations, in addition to providing reliable physical evidence to the judicial authorities to serve justice,” he said.

Senior Expert Brigadier Ahmad Mattar Al Muhairi, deputy director of the department, said the smart device has been developed since 2018 to enhance performance and accelerate the pace of verifying fingerprints lifted from crime scenes.

Future-proof software

“The device’s smart software keeps pace with future challenges and the force’s pursuit in applying the latest technologies in policing work,” he added.

Unlike the traditional method, which often fails in high temperatures, the newly developed device performs well in extreme temperatures.

“The device is equipped with a 10X lens as well as white and ultraviolet beams for improved accuracy,” said Brig Al Muhairi.

The device uses longitudinal waves to filter and ‘lift’ fingerprints. It also utilises direct imaging technologies to capture the details and patterns of fingerprints accurately.

Once fingerprints are scanned and lifted, they are electronically sent to the centralised biometrics database at the Fingerprints Department for comparison.