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Brigadier General Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi handed over a certificate of appreciation and a memorial shield to Ahmad Mohammad Al Raisi. Image Credit: Supplied

Ajman: An Emirati man in Ajman was recognised by local authorities for his exemplary behaviour and heroism when he rose to the challenge and saved the life of an Arab family.

Ahmad Mohammad Al Raisi was awarded on Tuesday by Ajman Civil Defence for his role in rescuing an Arab family from a burning house.

He was recognised for his efforts, speed of response and good behaviour that he showed in providing assistance to the family.

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Brigadier General Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, Director General of Ajman Civil Defence, handed a certificate of appreciation and a memorial shield to the man, stressing that this heroic act is a true model for the concept of comprehensive civil defence, which means that every citizen is a true companion to the civil defence men in the humanitarian duties they provide around the clock, thanking him and praising his sense of responsibility toward this position and to provide it with assistance without hesitation, stressing that it is a patriotic and moral duty towards members of society.