Man having fun in water park while sliding into the water Image Credit: Agency

Kaustav Mahajan

Grade 8, Cambridge international school (CIS)

A job cannot be more amazing than to pay you for having fun.

At the top of the list is becoming a water slide tester. Yes, you read this right. This job is real and this opportunity rare. In fact, it may be the single most enviable job you’ll ever hold. In my opinion, water slide tester is the best profession available right now because who doesn’t love water parks and above all, water slides?

To become a water slide tester you must have good observation powers, a calm mind, the daring to go on all types of rides.

- Kaustav Mahajan

Safety on water slides is important. That’s where the water slide tester comes in. Water slide testers check to see if the slides are both fun and safe. A real-life example of someone doing this job and making good money is American Seb Smith, who beat out 2,000 other applicants to work as a water slide tester. Smith is traveling all around the world testing slides at water parks before they are deemed ready for the public.

Some basic skills you need to have to become a water slide tester is to have good observation powers, a calm and stable mind, the daring to go on all types of rides and be active on social media (Facebook or Instagram). You also need to be dedicated and passionate, patient and perseverant. After all, the job demands that you ensure slides are safe and fun, I am actually waiting for the day when I will be eligible to become a water slide tester and have fun all day.

Do you believe in aliens?

Yes, I believe in aliens because NASA scientists in 2018 stated that earth may have already been visited by aliens. Presently, my belief in aliens is fuelled by lack of evidence, not their presence and that’s what scientists are working to prove.ߘ?

Themes for the month

1) 10 excuses you can make to your parents to avoid doing housework.

2) What would be the one thing you will happily stand in a queue for hours? And why?

3) If you could time travel, would you go back to the past or into the future? Why?

4) Smart enemy or dumb friend: which is worse?

5) Rewrite the ending of your 3 favorite movies. How would you end them?