Pets Corner Image Credit: Agency

The future is always promising and that goes for classrooms too.

The connecting factor between student and teacher, the classroom is bound to see changes.

However, there are varying opinions on what it should be. Some believe that classrooms should be abolished (unsurprisingly, this is the mindset of many youth, myself included!)

Jokes apart, it’s my opinion that classrooms should be designed in such a way that the children no longer perceive school as a confinement cell. To overcome this perception, I think schools should surround themselves with positive and welcoming vibes.

First, how about the warm embrace of nature?

Lush greenery, sun-kissed plants and swaying flowers, imagine being in their midst as you study. It can have a magical effect. For primary school kids, how about a pet corner where they can pet and play with animals?

Now we come to technology.

Artificial intelligence should become an indispensable part of learning. Augmented and virtual reality can make learning a ‘never before’ experience. Immersive learning will help in better retention of facts simply because they can connect more to the concepts being taught.

Should technology replace teachers? No.

I believe the human connection is required. A nod, a smile, a look of understanding, these can go a long way in positively impacting a student’s perception and outlook to a subject.

And, also, no language barriers. How about having instant translators at hand? Any student then can apply to any curriculum without the fear of being sidelined on grounds of communication.

Finally, no competition among students.

This makes learning stressful. Application-based examinations should replace the traditional exams which heavily favour those who can rote learn.

Let’s make earning more enjoyable and learner-centric.