Books Image Credit: Supplied

Stories stay with us making our lives memorable every moment. Haven’t we all heard the phrase, ‘A book is our best friend’?

Indeed, books teach us some really memorable lesson, just as a good friend would.

What have I been learning from books?

Some of the lessons I have learnt from my favourite books:

Don’t be afraid to raise your voice

In Becoming Michelle Obama’. This gracious lady says, “Use your voice to lift up the voiceless and don’t disappear on people in need.”

Be determined

In I Am Malala, Malala tells us: “If one man can destroy everything, why can’t one girl change it?” through her experiences in life.


I have learnt a lot from Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography Experiments with Truth. Mainly about how to deal with a difficult situation.

Face your fears

Another great lesson in living from Harry Potter, who is ready to face everything in life.

The lessons that we learn from books are indelible and more comprehensive than the lessons people teach us.