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Dubai: Three women of diverse nationalities won Dh77,777 each last weekend in Emirates Draw. In a first for Emirates Draw, last weekend, three out of the seven winners were women.

Iranian Faegheh Nasrollahi, 39, Nepali Rina Rai Lama, 24, and Maldives national Haulath Abdul Raheem, 32, each won Dh77,777.

Nasrollahi, a hotelier by profession, is a frequent participant in the raffle draw every weekend. She was super excited with the win. When she saw the notification about her win in her email, she was pleasantly shocked. Nasrollahi wants to help her family and intends to share some of her winnings with those she loves the most.

‘This city is so great’

Faegheh Nasrollahi

Nasrollahi said: “I am so happy! I play every week. It’s my little ritual. Of course, I want to help my family and parents as they are my world. Winning this money changes lots of things for me, but most importantly, I am grateful to Emirates Draw for helping me implement the changes that I have been wanting to do for some time now. I love Dubai and everything about this city is so great.”

Lama, an archival clerk working in Dubai for the past four years and living with her husband, chose her numbers randomly. She had played once earlier, more than five months ago. This time, she was excited upon hearing that she had won in the draw. She said she could not sleep after learning about her win and kept thinking about all the things that she could do with her prize money.

‘Life-changing’ win

Rina Rai Lama

“I could not sleep all night. My head is still buzzing! I am going to use this money to start my own business. I don’t know what kind of business yet, but I am confident of my ability and I am so happy I played with Emirates Draw. The win has given me an opportunity to change my life,” Lama said.

Raheem too was surprised to realise that she had won. Having lived in Dubai for just a year, she thought of finally trying her hand at Emirates Draw.

‘Why not give it a try?’

“I have been in Dubai with my husband and two children for only a year and I told myself last weekend, why not give it a try? So when I won, it felt really good. We come here to work to save for our future and our children’s future. This win will help as we are planning to save this money for a rainy day. Thanks to Emirates Draw for giving us this opportunity.”

Emirates Draw welcomed 2022 with a record-setting grand prize of Dh100 million. Participants hoping to win the outstanding sum will have the opportunity to do so on Sunday, January 30, at 9pm (UAE time) by matching all the seven numbers in order.

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Next draw

The next draw will be live-streamed on www.emiratesdraw.com and across its digital platforms — YouTube and Facebook.