Latest Mahzooz millionaire Mir with his wife. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: It was an impulsive last-minute decision for which an Indian expatriate based in Dubai is now thanking his stars as he won Dh1 million in the 44th weekly Mahzooz draw.

Mir, originally from the south Indian city of Hyderabad, bagged the second-tier prize after matching five of the six winning numbers (9, 11, 21, 31, 32, 34) to become Mahzooz’s 15th millionaire this year. Another 167 winners got Dh1,000 each, while Dh35 went to 3,277 participants for a total prize money of Dh1,281,695.

Mir said: “Five hours before the live draw [on September 25], I had the impulse to enter the draw. My wife, who is also an active participant, had won Dh1,000 just two weeks ago. So, I thought I could also win. However, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I’d win a life-changing amount of a million dirhams.”

He added: “I was not able to check the results immediately as I was busy running errands. I was at work the following day when I received a call, informing me that I had won Dh1 million. I thought it was a prank by some radio station. When I realised that the call was genuine, I tried to speak but couldn’t utter a word!”

Supporting underprivileged students

Mir plans to use his winnings to sponsor the education of some underprivileged students in India after setting aside a portion of the prize money for savings.

Mir moved to Dubai from Hyderabad 12 years ago to pursue higher education, but decided to discontinue with his academic pursuit after landing a lucrative job here.

‘Miracles do happen’

“Last year, however, I decided to resume my higher studies to take my professional skills to the next level. So, I went back to university. Now, thanks to Mahzooz, I have more-than-enough money to not only pursue my master’s, but also to fulfil all my dreams,” he added.

Mir added he and his wife regularly participate in the draw because of its humanitarian aspect. “Mahzooz donates bottles of water when we participate in the draw and this allows me to help others while standing a chance to make my dreams come true.” He had this advise for the other participants: “Keep participating. I’m an example of someone who participated in the nick of time and won! Miracles do happen.”

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How to join?

Entry tickets are priced at Dh35. Entrants can participate by registering on the Mahzooz website. The draw is live-streamed from the Mahzooz studio and is hosted by Lebanese presenter Wissam Braidy and Indian presenter Aishwarya Ajit.