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Dubai: Emirates Draw is holding a new weekly draw that will have seven guaranteed winners of Dh77,777 – in addition to an entry for a grand prize of Dh77,777,777, the largest such prize in UAE’s history.

Holders of seven random numbers chosen will win a guaranteed Dh77,777 each week, while the rest of the winners including the grand prize winner will be chosen based on a 7-digit number selected during the live draw. To win Dh77 million, one has to hold all 7 digits of the chosen number in the exact same sequence from right to left.

The grand prize draw number chosen on Saturday was 9772804.

Emirates Draw winners
Emirates Draw winners - October 30 Image Credit: YouTube

This week, the individual who has a number that matches 6 digits of the randomly chosen 7-digit winning sequence could have won over Dh3 million. This is because no one won the Dh777,777 prize in the last couple of weeks - the organisers said that each time it is not won, the amount will be doubled, tripled etc. up to a maximum of 7 times, which will end up being more than Dh5 million.

First series of winners

Dh77,777 winners
First series of winners Image Credit: YouTube

Second series of winners

Second series of winners
Second series of winners Image Credit: YouTube

Emirates Draw will be streamed live every Saturday at 7pm UAE time on the and website and across the company’s YouTube and Facebook channels.