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The ornamental fish pond where the accident occurred. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Two Asian men died after they were electrocuted while cleaning an ornamental fish pond in Dubai, according to a Dubai Police official.

Major Eng Dr Mohammad Ali Al Qasim, Director of the Forensic Engineering Section in the General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology, said the accident happened due to poor electrical wiring provided by an unlicensed company that had not adhered to safety requirements.

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Major Eng Dr Mohammad Ali Al Qasim Image Credit: Supplied

“Upon receiving the report, an expert investigation team rushed to the scene. The two bodies were transferred to the forensic laboratory for autopsy to determine the cause of the death,” Maj. Al Qasim added.

Police investigations revealed that the grounding system of the pond’s pump failed and rerouted the electrical current into the water while the engine of the pump was still running, Maj. Al Qasim explained.

He said the two maintenance workers were immediately electrocuted.

Dubai Police General Command has urged members of the public to enlist the services of only licensed companies.