Swimming pool. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Ras Al Khaimah: Ras Al Khaimah Police have launched an investigation into the deaths of a four-year-old Emirati boy and a 23-year-old Ethiopian maid who reportedly drowned in a hotel swimming pool in the Muairedh area of the emirate on Wednesday night. Those present at the spot tried to administer some basic first-aid to the victims after their bodies were recovered from the pool, but could not revive them.

Investigations revealed that the two victims — the boy, identified as ASK, and the Ethiopian maid — had come from Abu Dhabi along with their family for a four-day stay at the hotel before the incident occurred.

On the day of the incident, around 8pm, one of the hotel’s guests, who was staying on the second floor, started screaming upon noticing two bodies at the bottom of the hotel’s swimming pool. One of the hotel’s staff members then rushed to the pool and pulled the two bodies out of the water. Access to the pool at that point of time was closed and there was no life guard around.

“We received a call from the hotel, saying that a small boy and housemaid had drowned in a hotel swimming pool. When we reached there, both of them were dead,” a police official said. Police are investigating how the boy and the Ethiopian housemaid reached the swimming pool.

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According to the police, the bodies of both the victims were under water for a certain period of time before being pulled out. National Ambulance transferred the boy to Saqr Hospital around 9pm, while the body of the housemaid was taken to Obeidallah Hospital.

Police then called the parents of the boy and informed them about the sad news. Al Mamourah Police Station has summoned the eyewitnesses and hotel staff for questioning.