20200714 dubai court
Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A man has been accused of robbing Dh80,000 from a sales manager who was transporting Dh500,000 in cash on his bicycle to his company in Dubai’s Naif area.

According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, the 31-year-old Egyptian victim, an employee with a jewellery company, went to the bank to withdraw the cash in December 2019.

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“I put Dh420,000 in a small hand bag and Dh80,000 in an envelope. I was riding a bicycle to return to the company. I entered a narrow street when the suspect attacked me,” said the Egyptian victim on record. The 24-year-old Afghani defendant snatched the envelope and escaped.

“He knocked me down and I was injured in the knees. He snatched the envelope and ran away. I tried to chase him, but I couldn’t due to the injury as I fell off the bicycle.”

The victim then alerted his company and the incident was reported at Naif Police Station. Surveillance cameras in the area identified the suspect who used a taxi to move away from the area. Two weeks after the incident, the defendant was arrested from near a bank in the Al Qusais area of Dubai.

“He was monitoring bank customers when we arrested him. We couldn’t find the money [that he had robbed] on him, but the victim identified him as the suspect,” a policeman said on record.

During interrogation, the defendant denied the robbery charge. The next hearing will be on August 30.