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Dubai: Dubai Police have arrested a man who stabbed a taxi driver after a dispute over fare, an official said on Sunday.

Major-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said the Arab attacker was arrested just 20 minutes after the crime was reported.

“Quick response from police patrol helped to arrest the suspect within 20 minutes. Police patrol reached the location of the attack after two minutes and arrested the attacker who was hiding in the electricity room of a building,” Al Mansouri said.

The Arab suspect took the taxi from Ajman to the Al Buttain area of Al Muraqabbat in Dubai. He then had a dispute with the taxi driver and refused to pay the fare.

Brigadier Ali Ghanim, Director of Al Muraqabbat Police Station, said that the Arab man ran away without paying the fare and the driver chased him to a nearby building.

“The Arab suspect entered the lift, while the driver chased him using the stairs, from one floor to another. When both met again, the Arab man stabbed the driver several times,” Brig Ghanim said.

The driver then called Dubai Police. The officers scanned the area, searching for the attacker.

“We searched the building and found him hiding inside the electricity room. The driver was moved to hospital for treatment after sustaining moderate injuries.”

Brig Ghanim said the attacker had been referred to Dubai Public Prosecution for physical assault.