Dubai courts 101
The main facade of Dubai Courts building Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A Dubai farmer went on trial after he was accused of breaking into a house and stealing gold jewellery worth Dh25,000, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Thursday.

The 33-year-old Emirati house owner testified that the 29-year-old Pakistani farmer used to look after the garden and wasn’t allowed to enter the house located in Al Rashidiya.

In April 2020, the Emirati man left the house for two days and returned without discovering the theft until Dubai Police alerted him of arresting a man and recovering the jewellery.

“I checked for the jewellery after the police call and it was missing. The defendant had broken into the house through a window and stolen my wife’s jewellery from the drawer,” said the Emirati victim in official records.

The defendant went with his 21-year-old countryman to a gold shop in Al Satwa area to sell the gold when the shop owner found something amiss.

“He wanted to sell a golden bracelet and claimed that his sponsor gave it to him instead of his salary. He was confused and his friend was waiting for him outside the shop. I suspected him because he didn’t ask me about the actual price of the piece and didn’t negotiate on the price,” a 33-year-old Indian witness said in records.

He called Dubai Police after taking the defendant’s ID who escaped leaving the gold jewellery.

Dubai Police arrested the two defendants and recovered the stolen items.

The defendant admitted to the theft and said that his countryman knew they were stolen items.

Dubai Public Prosecution has charged the defendant with theft and his countryman with possessing stolen items.