20201020 covid-19
The rate of positive cases in comparison to total tests remains at just 1 per cent Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: In a government briefing on Tuesday, Dr Omar Al Hammadi, spokesperson for the government, and Dr Farida Al Hosani, spokesperson for the UAE health department released COVID-19 updates. Dr Al Hammadi reviewed some statistics and figures on the health situation from October 14 to 20.

The number of deaths was 22 [over the past 7 days], at a rate of 0.4 per cent, one of the lowest in the world. In addition to this, the rate of positive cases in comparison to total tests remains at just 1 per cent.

A 9 per cent increase in recovery was also recorded over the time period, bringing the total number of cures to 10,306. Dr Al Hammadi added that 769,096 nationwide tests revealed a 15 per cent increase in confirmed cases, bringing the number of cases to 8,986.

Vaccine development

Dr Hosani spoke about the developement of a vaccine for the new coronavirus disease. She said that there were three goals for the development of the vaccine: First would be preventing new infections, second would be preventing serious complications in the case of infection, and third would be limiting the ability of the virus to transmit from an infected person to another.

She also said that the rise in the number of cases is a natural and expected result, and part of a global pattern because of the gradual return to normal life and the resumption of activities in various sectors. Dr Hosani added that this increase is similar to the patterns in other countries, and is expected to continue in the next phase. 

Details to follow