Adil Sajwani
Dr Adil Sajwani Image Credit: Instagram/@dradils

Dubai: A heartwarming Twitter post by a UAE doctor has been widely shared on social media. 

In a post shared on his personal Twitter page on Tuesday, Dr Adil Sajwani details how he was stopped by police after he forgot to wear a face mask while driving. Sajwani is a Family Medicine Specialist with the Ministry of Health and Prevention in UAE, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Just as the Sharjah Police personnel was writing up a fine and noting down his car details, Sajwani said they noticed his doctor's coat in the car.

The police official then asked Sajwani if he was a doctor, and he said yes. Sajwani said in his post that the police official then proceeded to say that the doctor looked tired. The official reportedly added that Sajwani wouldn't be fined this time but asked him to wear the mask as per the new UAE COVID-19 precautionary rules. The fine for not wearing a mask after leaving one's home is Dh1,000.

Sajwani has tagged the Sharjah Police in his tweet and thanked them for their consideration. This is the second story in as many days of doctors sharing heart-warming stories out of the UAE. On Tuesday, a post went viral of a Dubai policeman saluting an Indian doctor who was stopped during the movement restriction period (10pm to 6am).

"I was pulling my ID and papers [out] to show to him but he saluted me, saying I don’t need to show him anything," Dr Ayesha Sultana told Gulf News by phone on Tuesday. "I was speechless and cried. Despite [the fact that] I was tired [after] work but this salute was my reward and waived my tiredness."