A baby boy born to a COVID-19 positive mother at a private hospital in Dubai. Image Credit:

Dubai: A COVID-19 positive mother has given birth to a baby boy at Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai.

Both the mother and baby are in stable condition, said the hospital in a statement on Thursday.

The baby boy weighing 3.18kg was born to 25-year-old Indian mother on May 5. The mother was admitted to Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai on May 2 with a positive diagnosis for COVID-19. She was 37 weeks' pregnant. The expected date of delivery was May 19, but after only three days in the hospital, the baby arrived safely.

“The contractions started very suddenly, and it all happened very quickly. The delivery took about 10 to 15 minutes, which is something we do not see very often. There were no complications and both the mother and baby are in good condition,” said Maysoon Yousef, director of nursing.

No complications

“When we first received the Covid-19 positive diagnosis, we were afraid for the health of both my wife and the baby. But thankfully, with the help of the doctors and nurses at Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai, my son was born with no complications and my wife remains in stable condition. We couldn’t be more grateful,” said N.K, father of the newborn.

The mother is expected to be discharged once she comes up with a third negative test result for COVID-19. The baby has also been tested for the virus. The results are awaited.

COVID-19 guidelines

“We operate by the latest COVID 19 international and local guidelines, when it comes to the management of  maternity patients and otherwise, to ensure their absolute safety and that of other patients. We take strict measures to guarantee that there is no risk of cross-contamination and that all our patients are in safe hands,” commented Dr Ghassan Lutfi, head of obstetrics and gynaecology at Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai.