getting back to work safe
Image Credit: Seyyed Llata, Senior Designer

Dubai: The UAE government announced the return to offices in all federal ministries, authorities and institutions at 30 per cent capacity as of Sunday, May 31. While 50 per cent will be returning by Sunday, June 14.

Here are the steps to take to maintain your own safety in the office:

1. Speak to your boss

Find out if it is essential for you to be among the 30 or 50 per cent who need to be in the office. If not, it would be safer to stay home, if so then follow these steps.

2. Take a shower in the morning

This may not be 100 per cent necessary, but it is always best to be clean when you leave your house in the morning. Wash yourself with soap and water to start the day fresh and germ free when entering your office.

3. Pack your own water bottle and lunch

Some offices may not have their kitchens and canteens open, so you might not have access to food and water. To be extra safe, bring your own lunch and a large bottle of water, so that you stay hydrated during this warm summer weather.

4. Grab your mask, gloves and hand sanitser

Keep your facemask and gloves with if you the car to put on as soon as you get to your office. If you are taking public transport, then wear them the moment you step out of your home. Gloves will protect you from touching surfaces like door handles when you enter your office building. Keep your hand sanitser with you in case you don’t have access to clean water and soap.

You have to keep your mask on at all times in the office. 

5. Wait to have your temperature taken

Whether it is your office building security guard, or an office administrator, you have to have your temperature taken before you enter the building. This ensures that you do not have a fever. 

6. Wash your hands immediately upon arrival

Before you get to your desk, detour to the washroom and use water and soap to wash your hands for 20 seconds. Hygiene is everything during this period.

7. Use a tissue paper to open all doors

It makes no sense to wash your hands, and then use them to touch door handles. After you’ve washed your hands in the bathroom, grab a tissue paper with you to open and close doors in your office.

8. Wipe down your desk

Once you get to your desk, wipe your desk down with an alcohol spray or some hand sanitiser with a tissue paper. Also clean your mouse, computer keyboard and anything you touch frequently, like phones or pens.

9. Make sure you maintain distance from your colleagues

It may be tempting to get closer to chat with your friends at work, but do not get near anyone around you. A 2-meter social distancing space should be taken seriously at all times.

10. Avoid meetings

At this point in time, you should not agree to any meetings with your team or people outside of your office. Exposure to one another needs to be minimised.