Picture for illustrative purposes: Indians who were stranded in Iraq on their arrival at IGI Airport T3 in New Delhi on Saturday. Image Credit: PTI

Dubai: The United PRO Association based in Dubai said it has filed a petition in the United Nations Human Rights Council pointing out Human rights violation inflicted on the stranded Indian expatriates in connection with COVID 19 pandemic.

The association petitioned the Human Rights Council to intervene in the matter at the earliest and dispense justice to the expatriate Indian community in the UAE, it said in a statement.

The email petition was filed last week on behalf of the entire expatriate Indian population stranded in different countries including the UAE, it said.

Riyaz Kilton – the vice-president of the United PRO Association, took the initiative to file the petition in the UN Human Rights Council, the statement said.

“The petition highlighted the gross denial of the basic Fundamental Rights of the expatriate Indian citizens by the Government of India.”

“The refusal or non-cooperation of the Indian Government regarding the repatriation of the Indian citizens from the UAE is a clear case of Human Rights violation and is against various International conventions,” the petition said.

It demanded immediate action to sort out the grievances and travel-related obstacles of the expatriate Indian community in connection with COVID-19.

“Interestingly, the Indian Government had allowed the repatriation of citizens from Iran and China. During the lockdown, the government also took the initiative to send back the stranded foreign nationals in India who belonged to countries like Germany, France, UK, and Australia in chartered flights to their respective countries.”

However, the petition cited that the Government of India takes an adamant stand regarding the repatriation of stranded Indians from the Gulf countries and the UAE.

The PRO Association requested the UN Human Rights Council to intervene in the matter at the earliest and negotiate with the Indian higher authorities to resolve the crisis.

Saleem Ittammel, the president of the Association, stated that delaying the repatriation of the stranded expatriate Indians might inflict serious harm to the lives and health of the people.

“The stranded expatriates include senior citizens, children, pregnant women, people who suffer from various ailments, expat Indians who lost jobs, whose visa expired, etc. The efforts to bring back the UAE expatriate Indians would continue till the issue is resolved.” – added the Association President.

The United PRO Association - a registered association of legal documentation professionals is active in the efforts of combating the coronavirus pandemic in the UAE.

Under the leadership of the Association Help wing leader Naseer Vadanappally, Fazal Rahman Uthanganakam - COVID-19 testing, rehabilitation, and counselling services are provided to the Indian expatriates in Dubai, the association stated.

“These services are being provided based on the guidelines issued by the Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Police, and the Indian Consulate.”

General secretary Ajith Ibrahim and secretary Mujeeb Mappattukara of the United PRO Association have had their active leadership and involvement in the construction of the COVID-19 isolation ward in Al Warsan, Dubai.

The Treasurer Muhsin Calicut and Gafoor Pookkadan are in charge of the distribution of food kits and offering legal advice in various localities of Dubai including Naif, the statement added.