Wayne Holbrook with daughter Georgina
Wayne Holbrook with daughter Georgina Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A 57-year-old Dubai resident with stage three cancer is pleading to return home to the UAE after getting stuck for over a month in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic.

Wayne Holbrook, a director for a logistics and supply chain firm, returned to his native Gloucester on March 13 to attend his mother-in-law’s funeral. During this time they also moved their daughter - who is studying at University in Exeter - out of her halls of residence, because of precautionary coronavirus closures.

The family had a return flight booked on March 19, but on that day the UAE suspended all passenger flights to and from the country as the coronavirus outbreak developed.

“I was due for a scan on March 23 and I have missed it,” said Holbrook, who has prostate cancer, which has metastasized to his spine.

“With the lockdown in the UK the hospitals are only seeing their regular patients,” he said. “I have not been given an appointment in any hospital,” he added.

Holbrook is currently staying in rented accommodation in the UK with his wife Phillipa, 58 and daughter Georgina, 20, until they can return home.

His daughter Georgina said: “I just want my father to get his treatment. He was due for a scan that would determine what course of treatment he required - whether chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It’s a month overdue. I am afraid his cancer could be fast spreading,” she added.

Wayne’s wife Phillipa said the family haven’t stepped out as Wayne’s cancer makes him immuno-resistant.

“He is at very high risk of catching the infection,” she said.